24 May 2009

"The Big Deal" Short Story Review

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Read it here: "The Big Deal"
By Jamie Brindle
In EastOfTheWeb.com
Genre: Fantasy
Word Count: 5,300 approx.

Quince is a bodiless being existing in a timeless dimension where he sells deaths. It's the deaths that hook the clients in, you see, and once they're hooked, they take the whole life.

Quince enjoys his work, until one non-day things start to change.

This is a fun story. One comment at EastOfTheWeb.com said that Quince sounded like John Cleese, and the poor souls like the rest of the Monty Python gang. This is true. That is exactly what the dialogue is like.

There is a mass of text in the middle, one long sentence describing a life, but you have to pay attention because there is a poignancy in it that goes with the story's end. Have fun with it.

Morva Shepley

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