2 June 2009

"The Beautiful People" short story review

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Read it here: "The Beautiful People"
By Robert Bloch
In SciFi.com
Genre: Horror
Word Count: 5,000 approx.

Robert Bloch was a lovely man (if you ever met him at an SF convention) who wrote horror. The work he is most famous for is, of course, Psycho.

One of Bloch's earlier short stories was "Yours Truly, Jack The Ripper". Watchers of ST:TOS will recall another Jack The Ripper riff written by Bloch, Wolf in the Fold. Unfortunately, one of the stand out features of that episode is the number of times McCoy has to say, "He's dead, Jim."

"Beautiful People" is one of those horror stories that Bloch put into a tranquil setting. It's about a very handsome young man who returns home after finishing his years at college. There, he meets a beautifiul young woman and completely fails to recognise her as the ugly girl he teased terribly years ago.

Horrific things occurr, but the worst thing is the young woman's belief that inner and outer beauty are mutually exclusive.

Morva Shepley

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