20 April 2009

"Always" : Short Story Recommendation

Title: "Always"
Author: Karen Joy Fowler
From Asimov's Science Fiction
Genre: SF
Word Count: 5,000 approx

Always is the name of a town where the 17 year old narrator went to live in the late 1930s. When she went, her mother told her, "You can always tell a cult from a religion ... because a cult is just a set of rules that lets certain men get laid."

Always, it turned out, wasn't a cult, but a certain man did get laid, so it wasn't a religion either.

This Nebula winner of 2007 is one of those stories where the ending is very subtle, so that it's up to you to consider the clues and decide what you think has become of the narrator.

Click on the underlined title above, or here, to read it.

Morva Shepley

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