8 February 2009

Review: "The House That Dirk Built" by Ripley Patton

The Lorelei Signal is a fantasy ezine with a focus on strong female characters. This is not the place for those women who trip over their own high heels, which they choose to wear during an extreme dragon hunt, and have to be rescued by a macho hunk who thought to wear better armour. Which is not to say that The Lorelei Signal isn't fun.

In the January to March '09 issue, "The House That Dirk Built", is about a real estate agent, Nancy Fisk, who specializes in finding properties for a very particular kind of client. With her is a fresh young architect who has proven himself able to fulfil the particular requirements of the current clients. The house is beautiful, but the client proves treacherous. After all, there is a full moon. Nancy's problem becomes how to prevent the whole pack from coming after her. This takes a little more subtlety than you might expect in the usual werewolf story.

"The House That Dirk Built" has a creepy piece of artwork by Lee Kuruganti to accompany it.

The Lorelei Signal is free to read, but it is possible to make donations to the zine or to illustrators or authors you particularly like. The illustrations, like the stories, in this issue are of varying quality, some quite striking in their different ways, a few less so. There are also a couple of fantasy poems. Since it is free, there is nothing to lose by checking it out, and at least take a look at "The House That Dirk Built".

Morva Shepley


  1. Morva,
    Thanks so much for the review! I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I have other advertures planned for Nancy and Dirk and actually had an editor request one after reading "The House That Dirk Built".

    Now, I just need to make the time to write.


  2. That's great, Ripley. What a fantastic name for an SF writer, by the way.

    "The House That Dirk Built" really does feel like the start of a series. In fact, it's like the pilot for a TV series. Who knows ...