1 January 2009

Morva House Fiction: "Don't Delete The Angel"

(This is actually a filk song. The trouble is, I don't know the name of the tune it's based on. It might have been by the Beatles. It might be called something like "Ah Girl". I don't know, it was just something in my head. The tune, however, is the reason it's set out the way it is.)

Listen and I'll tell you 'bout a broken angel

waiting on the telephone for you.

She's waiting in the ether but her wings are broken,

she's got trouble getting back to you.

She was Human once,

She had a body, too.

She's been out to Hell and back, she's been through n-space,

she's been travelling n-dimensionly.

She's transformed into data, all her brains and blood are parts of

packs and data where the body cannot go.

She's ether now,

But still your friend.

But Hell has got opinions, it's got weapons it's got minions

with viruses to eat at eyes that spy.

So she's had to run, she's had to hide along the strings that bind

and find a way of getting on the line back home.

She's in your machine.

She called her friend.

She's the ghost ex machina with broken pinions,

That screaming on the line is how she cries,

She's got to find her minders and she's got to reassemble,

she needs you to pick her up and pull her through

So don't delete that message,

Don't delete that data,

Don't delete the Angel on the line.

*   *   *

"Don't Delete The Angel" Copyright by Morva Shepley 2008

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