26 April 2007

Blame it on Mum

Anarkin Skywalker was the cute, smart kid who grew up to become famous in history as the heinous Darth Vader, responsible for such atrocities as the destruction of the planet of Aldebaran IX and the entire population then on it, as well as the murders of a number of high ranking Officers of the Empire, and the near-murders of his own children. The conventional theory is that the personality change was brought about by massive head injuries which also disfigured his face and lead to the adoption of the famous mask by which he is best known. Now, some forensic psychologists are calling for a re-examination of the evidence. They allege that Darth Vader's behavioural problems were brought about by a traumatic childhood separation from his mother when he was sent away to become a Jedi Knight. Later, they were breifly reunited when she died in his arms, depriving him of the opportunity to save her.

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